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Mission Statement  “To create a fun safe place for all women, to enjoy, express and love their bodies, and to embrace their inner sensual goddess/soul, in an independent and uniquiely feminine manner, using our Jewels style of the the art of belly dance”



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Spirit of being a Woman weekend retreat

3-5 August 2012-Spirit of being a Woman, BellySoulSafari, weekend-kickstart 2012 with deeper insights into self, your journey and where on your path you are, and plan where u want to go... More details available here.

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Bellydancing Training DVD's
New Belly Dance DVD Now Available
DVD 1 now available
Next Beginner Intake!

Next intake for Absolute Beginners after Feb/Mar 2012 will be May and September 2012

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Sunday Easter Egg Hunt

Jewels of the Nile ... with friends from the Children's Home.

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Too Shy to Belly Dance?

Ever wanted to try belly dancing but been to shy to attend a class?

Now you can take a basic lesson at home ...

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Belly Dance Basics

Learn the basics of belly dance
online via our YouTube Video

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Jewels of the Nile Services

At Jewels of the Nile, we teach bellydancing and also offer the following services ...

Belly Dancing Performances,
Team building, and
Special Events

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View Charlotte in action

Check out these videos of Charlotte in action

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SA's Belly Superstar in Limelight ... Again!

They say that if you want to taste authentic Chinese food, you need to look for a Chinese restaurant where Chinese people choose to eat. The same could be said about belly dancing!

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Fun Workshops
Bring a friend for a fun afternoon and try out the art form!

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Teacher Training

Charlotte runs Teacher Certification courses for experienced students of Middle Eastern dance.

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Belly dancing . . . Middle Eastern dance . . . Arabic Dance . . . Whatever you choose to call it, royalties have been bedazzled by it, poets have been inspired by it and many an artist has celebrated its enigmatic beauty. This captivating art form invites women of all ages and sizes on a journey of discovery to find their inner beauty and unique sensuality. But where did it originate from? One school of thought believes that this Middle Eastern dance form was initially part of ancient fertility ceremonies - performed by women, for women.

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South African belly dancers and belly dancing enthusiasts will need to go far to find a performer and teacher as skilled and experienced as Charlotte. In fact, you’ll need to go all the way to Egypt. Charlotte is one of a small handful South Africans with Egyptian accreditation as a teacher of the art form.

Not to mention the international accolades she’s picked up during her almost twenty years of belly dancing experience. But for Charlotte, Bellydancing isn’t just a dream. It’s her passion. She doesn’t just teach it – she embodies it.

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With bellydancing classes in Randburg, Sandton, Pretoria and Bloemfontein, Jewels of the Nile is fast becoming the biggest, most respected Bellydancing Studio in South Africa. But their superiority is thanks to the personal attention and individual growth on which the studio is founded. But Expert Tuition and spellbinding Performances are only two facets of this magnificent gem. With the likes of Franchise Opportunities, Teacher Training Programmes, Training DVD’s and exciting Team Building or Group Events, the Jewels take the art of bellydancing to a whole new level.

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"I am a woman - hear me roar" - in a short timespan charlotte reminded me of the small things that really matter in life - the things that can make a difference in the way I choose to handle each and every situation that is thrown in my direction every minute of the day ... AR

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"A wonderful evening
All the girls are still taking and shimming the armies and bummies walking tall and I see a massive change in the head space of the ladies . more laughter ......
Thank you once again."
Charmian Verster

"Dear Charlotte,
Thank you for entertaining us at our annual Winter Ball. As hospitality management students we have a lot to do with performers and entertainers like yourself and I can honestly say Jewels of the Nile brought a special atmosphere to our formal event that kept everybody talking for days. The dancers were well trained and not only was the choreography amazing, the way you included the guests to participate was astonishing.
Thank you for a well-planned performance. We will certainly recommend Jewels of the Nile to future clients, students and guests.
All the best and kind regards"

Lynette Christopher
Student representative committee of The International Hotel School.

"Dear Charlotte, I would like to thank you for an awe inspiring evening last night. Your skill, graciousness and professionalism is absolute proof that you are a master at this beautiful art form. Well Well done! Looking forward to see u again soon."
Regards Willem Bierman, KI

"The visit from Charlotte from Jewels of the Nile Bellydancing was like a dream come true!

I always wanted to belly dance and then I saw her perform on TV and immediately knew I wanted to dance like that!

So, a group of KZN woman got together and we hosted the 'St Lucia Bellydance Workshop.' Wow,what a wonderful experience!! .And that was the over-all feel from our local goddesses!

This resulted in getting the wheels in motion to have our own weekly bellydance sessions, Jewels of the Nile Style,of course!"
- Lizelle, Shimmying in St Lucia

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Professional Entertaining Performances - a picture says 1000 words


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